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Arthur Cuth Visits Rega Factory

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jul 10th 2023

Soundorg's Canadian NSM Arthur Cuth enjoys a few days at Rega factory, and in the company of Roy Gandy and staff -where he receives advanced training on turntable and tonearm assemblies. He describes … read more

Rega Goes Green: The new Green Grade Planar 1 and Planar 1 Plus

Posted by The Sound Org on Jun 2nd 2023

Meet the greener and cheaper Rega Planar 1 turntable. In a surprising move, Rega has taken on some inspiration from the green enthusiasts and launched a new Green Initiative. Not only does this red … read more

Rega Introduces the 50th Anniversary Edition Planar 3

Posted by The Sound Org on Jun 2nd 2023

The iconic Rega Planar 3 turntable is getting even better. As if the current iteration, which has won a What Hi-Fi award six years in a row, couldn’t get any better: Rega presents the  50th … read more

The All New ULTIMA INTEGRATED from Chord Electronics

Posted by The Sound Org on Jun 2nd 2023

Chord Electronics added an Integrated to their ULTIMA lineup. Meet the ULTIMA Integrated This comes just five years after the introduction to the ULTIMA. This was Chord Electronics’ biggest accom … read more

Rega io Wins Hi-Fi Choice Group Test

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 6th 2023

The Rega io Amplifier is Hi-Fi Choice’s Grouptest winner The Rega io amplifier is a sibling of the more premium Rega Brio amplifier. Though it is only half of what the larger, more p … read more