What Hi-Fi Lauds Fyne F1-8's "Fine Craftsmanship" and "Exuberant Agility"

Posted by The Sound Org on Jun 2nd 2023

What the Hi-Fi recently reviewed Fyne Audio’s F1-8 Stand mounted speakers.

The review begins by giving an overview of Fyne Audio’s history in the budget and midpoint speaker markets, but quickly adds that they are now charting in premium territory with the new  F1-8s. The company has an established luxury line of its speakers, the F1 series. These new standmounters are now the newest addition to the lineup.

The author gets down to the details rather quick, explaining small but important craftsmanship points. Attention to detail is nowhere near lacking as they explain the significance of the coaxial driver that puts the tweeter at the center of the bass driver. Fyne calls this technology “Isoflare.” In short, it allows for both drivers to be so aligned that the audio leaving them reaches the listener’s ears at the exact same time. Continuing on with Fyne’s terminology, the  F1-8s also feature what they call FyneFlute. Instead of having a smooth rubber ring around the driver, they opt for a notched design that helps with unwanted mechanical interruptions in the cone. This provides the cleanest and smoothest audio results without adding coloration or distortion.

The author continues on by discussing the size of the F1-8s and how they should be positioned depending on what room they are placed in. As they begin their sound test, the author remarks how powerful baselines can be while showing off plenty of texture in the other levels. These speakers are rhythmic and steady. Even at quieter volumes, they are still commanding in quality and intrigue.

All in all, the Fyne Audio F1-8s are praised by What the Hi-Fi for their build, sound quality, and class leading technology. While they do have a distinct visual aesthetic that may not be for everyone, their sound is commanding and exciting to experience. 

"There's no shortage of rivals but in our opinion the F1-8s have little to fear" 

Read the full review here, courtesy of What Hi-Fi? and Fyne Audio!