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Spendor D7.2 Heads to the Top of the Class in Hi-Fi Choice

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 5th 2023

Spendor has a long and storied history as one of the United Kingdom's premiere loudspeaker manufacturers. But, while many storied brands have struggled to modernize, Spendor has found a way to ente … read more

HiFi and Music Source says Rega io is a Terrific Performer

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 5th 2023

The Rega io Integrated Amp may seem small, but it packs a powerful punch. Released in 2020 as Rega's entry-level amplifier, the io was to be eventually paired with the Planar 1 and Kyte speakers in … read more

Headfonics Reviews Chord Electronics Anni

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 5th 2023

The Chord Electronics Qutest System was expanded earlier this year with the much-anticipated Anni Integrated Amplifier. The Anni joins its line mates the Huei phono stage and the Qutest DAC, com … read more

Audiofi: Rega's Kyte Speakers Fly High

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 5th 2023

Rega released the much-anticipated Kyte speakers last year, following delays stemming from the pandemic. That extra delay actually turned out to be a boon for Rega, as extensive testing while aw … read more

Spendor D9.2 Astounds Hi-Fi Critic

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 5th 2023

Of Spendor's three product lines, the D-Line has by far the fewest entries. While the A-Line has four main loudpseakers and the Classic holds 6 or so, the D-Line is made up of just two loudspeak … read more

Chord Electronics Announces New Ultima Pre 3 Pre-Amplifier

Posted by Chord Electronics on May 6th 2022

All-new ULTIMA PRE 3 offers next-level performance A new ground-up design preamplifier harnessing 30+ years’ of analogue amplifier-building expertise Kent, England, 4 May 2022: Cho … read more

Chord Electronics Introduces Mojo 2 DAC/Headphone Amplifier

Posted by Chord Electronics on Jan 31st 2022

Mojo 2 redefines the portable audio standard The world’s first lossless DSP sees Mojo 2 set the benchmark for portable sound quality. Again. Kent, England, 31st January 2022: Chord El … read more

The Absolute Sound Reviews Spendor A4 Floorstanding Speaker

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jan 27th 2022

When we talk about putting together audio systems and matching components to speakers, the goal often comes down to accurate and truthful reproduction of the recording. While some may want to "feel … read more