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SoundOrg TV Episode 12: Eddie Spruit of Quadraspire

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jan 27th 2022

In our final episode of SoundOrg TV, we called our good friend Eddie Spruit of Quadraspire. Steve and Eddie have been good friends for ages, and The Sound Organisation has proudly carried Quadraspi … read more

SoundOrg TV Episode 11: Simon Crossley of McLaren Dallas

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Nov 19th 2021

As we explored in our previous video with  Aston Martin, there are a lot of similarities between high-performance automotive and high-performance audio. From the use of lightweight and rigid … read more

Chord Electronics Huei Phonostage vs iFi iPhono 3 Black Label

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Nov 8th 2021

Head-to-head comparisons are a great way to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of any product. While you certainly are able to compare two products, the contrasts are more striking and you ce … read more

SoundOrg TV Episode 10: Ashton Wagner of Rega Research

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Nov 5th 2021

You may recall we had a very enlightening  interview with Roy Gandy, founder and creator of Rega Research, where we learned much about the history of Rega. But we also wanted to learn m … read more

Rega Planar 10 Named Best Turntable by Hi-Fi World

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Oct 27th 2021

Why it may come as no surprise to anyone who has had the privilege to own or even listen to the  Rega Planar 10, but earlier this year, Hi-Fi World named the Planar 10 the Best Turntable of … read more

SoundOrg TV Episode 9: Kurt Fegraeus and Aston Martin

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Oct 19th 2021

In a slight departure from the previous episodes, we stepped out the Sound Organisation studio and the Audio Industry as a whole to take a look at another form of high-performance, hand-built machi … read more

What Hi-Fi? Declares Spendor Classic 4/5 "Hugely Capable"

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Oct 18th 2021

On the surface,  Spendor's Classic series loudspeakers may remind you of your first pair of speakers or even your dad's speakers back in the day. The retro style and sound are certainly evoc … read more

Chord Electronics Introduces Anni Amplifier

Posted by Chord Electronics on Sep 21st 2021

Chord Electronics offers ULTIMA technology in its first ever small desktop amplifierThe new Anni brings ULTIMA tech to today's high-performance headphones and compact loudspeakers Kent, UK, 21st … read more

Spendor Classic 4/5 Gets Round of Applause from Stereonet

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Sep 20th 2021

In recent years, storied loudspeaker company Spendor has shifted their speaker designs to fit the modern design and appearance with their A-Line and D-Line speakers. However, th … read more