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Best Buy: Hugo 2 Is The Ear's Best of 2020

Posted by The Sound Organisation on May 12th 2021

Following up on the success of the original Hugo DAC, Chord Electronics released the Hugo 2 in 2017. The new Hugo 2 integrated next-generation features to improve connection, performance, and mo … read more

Chord Electronics Qutest Consumer Review

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Mar 22nd 2021

The  Qutest from Chord Electronics is a standalone DAC that sits between the popular entry-level Mojo and the more advanced Hugo 2, Hugo TT2, and the high-end Dave. The l … read more

Bloom Audio Looks at the Chord Mojo and Poly

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Dec 30th 2020

Despite the need for mobile audio being diminished in 2020 with many people staying home more, the need for quality audio on the go is still vital. In fact, portable music players and headphones … read more

Headfonia Reviews the Chord Electronics Hugo TT2!

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Aug 27th 2020

Any can fans out there? While we tend to focus on great amplifiers and speakers that can fill a room, the enjoyment of personal audio with a great system fed into headphones can't be discounted. In … read more